"Reclaiming Homemade in a Small Space"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Technology...don't you love it???

Modern technology is wonderful. I love the fact that I can communicate with people all over the country (and world) through the convience of my laptop. I can share with you my love of cooking. But alas....our laptop....is dying a slow death. I am beside myself that our Christmas morning pictures may be gone. That might be the biggest tragedy.

A lesser tragedy is that I have so many blog ideas that I am not able to share with you. My Internet access has been through our iPad and though better than no Internet, I can't upload pics. Typing is tedious at best. I still would share with you some of the things that will be coming as soon as I can really blog.

How many meals we got from a 20 lb. turkey...and not just your typical leftovers.


A vegetarian original...

Chicken and dumplings


Well, until we meet again. Or until I get a new laptop. Happy cooking!

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