"Reclaiming Homemade in a Small Space"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get your motor running.....

Hi!  I'm Jenny Smith, wife of Matt, mother to Emma, Brandon and Robbie and now,  a food blogger.  I'm not much of a writer...but I do think I can cook.  I read cookbooks for fun (think Alton Brown and Julia Child), my favorite shows on T.V. come off of FoodNetwork (Chopped is one of my favs.) AND cooking is something I have been interested in since I was young.  I come up with original recipes and tweek existing ones.... 

What is my culinary point-of-view???  If it is yummy, I will cook it.  My roots are definitely Southern.  I can pan fry ANYTHING, but I can also make a mean pizza and have a few vegetarian entrees that my carnivorous family loves.  From time to time, I'll will blog Matt's successes on the grill and smoker. 

We recently moved to Pittsburgh, PA from Searcy, AR and I am very much enjoying learning the food culture here.  We've tried pierogies (a new family favorite), haluski and other dishes new to us.  But I will have to admit that going to the grocery store for the first couple of months made me homesick...every time.  I was used to a HUGE flour selection, here, even at the gourmet store, the selection was much smaller. 

Be patient with me as I work on making this blog stream-lined and pretty!  Thanks for taking a look!

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