"Reclaiming Homemade in a Small Space"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Very Foodie Family

Yesterday, my kids were off school.  There were the normal complaints of "I'm bored" but gradually it settled into a game of Iron Chef.....Battle Play-Doh.  The two oldest (Emma and Brandon) were battling it out in the basement as Robbie kept tabs with the time.  They couldn't find a timer in the basement so they used the one on the stove.  Robbie would bound up and down the stairs to check the time yelling, "Ten minutes on the clock, Chefs!"  I don't know who won Battle Play-Doh, but later when I went downstairs, I saw several play-doh concoctions. At dinner, Brandon tried to have a "Man vs. Food" moment as he attempted to cram an entire biscuit in his mouth.  Luckily, he didn't succeed with his plan! Later, all five of us settled in to watch "The Next Iron Chef" together on the DVR with everyone taking guesses on who won and who was going home.  Emma nailed which chef won the challenge and we all guessed correctly who was going home.  Yeah, food is our hobby!

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